Four Generations of Piemakers

I grew up making pie. My mom Ruth made dad a blueberry pie for his birthday every year. To this day, we have birthday pie rather than cake at our house. My grandmother, Hazel, taught my sisters and I how to make pie at her white painted kitchen table, using a teacup from the cupboard to measure the ingredients. In the summer orchards of Delta County Colorado we would pick fresh cherries, apples and peaches for family pie. And then I inherited amazing old recipes for cream pies from my mother-in-law Doris, ah delight. My sisters convinced me that I made the best pie crust, (probably because they didn't want to make it!), so early on I became the chief pie maker in the house. Generations of trials, tests, tastings and tradition have been passed down now to my daughter Erica. Perhaps some day she will pass the magic onto the 5th generation!

My Moms Pies Heritage original pie recipe